About Us

Innovative Ergonomic Solutions is a collection of inventive brands focused on ergonomic workspace products and services that improve the health, wellness and productivity of users across a multitude of environments. IES serves a broad range of channels and markets including both corporate and home office, healthcare, government and point-of-sale. IES is committed to product excellence and supporting the growth of ergonomics across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our Brands

HAT Collective

HAT Collective specializes in design-forward, ergonomic, and highly customizable workspace solutions, empowering you to work your way.

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Innovative Design Works

Innovative Design Works is an ergonomic workspace solutions brand that exists to design, engineer, and manufacture inventive products for the industry and its OEM partners.

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Ergotech is a leading provider of innovative, consumer grade ergonomic office accessories and technology support for the workplace.

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Our Values

Own it

You are accountable for yourself. Look for every opportunity to take responsibility and own the outcome. When you see others doing the same, reward it.

Mutual respect

Gain trust in our organization by having the courage to be open, honest, and transparent with each other. Critique the process, not the person.

Develop yourself (and others)

Take care of each other and look for opportunities to grow and develop. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to make mistakes.

Stay safe

The work environment must be safe for everyone. Do whatever you can to contribute to a safe workplace for yourself and those around you.

Exceed expectations

We want to be the easiest company to do business with. That means constantly exceeding our customers’ expectations with the right solutions, delivered at the right time.

Be open

Keep each other informed with clear, timely, and concise communication so that information is openly shared and discussed.

Keep the passion

Ask questions, stay curious, be involved, and treat the business as your own.

Contact Us

Global Headquarters  |  100 Kuebler Road   Easton, PA 18040
800 524 2744